INNER Energy

NMYMenergy has created a comprehensive operation system that integrates coal production, purchase and sales around the upstream and downstream industry chain of coal. Its main business includes coal mine pithead subscription, import and export trade, domestic and foreign goods warehousing, bulk commodity logistics. It is a modern enterprise that integrates procurement, transportation, warehousing, processing and sales.

Transport world energy to China

NMYMENERGY prides itself on providing quality value-added services to its customers

Through business expansion and diversified development, a complete integrated industrial chain has been established, and close cooperation has been established with upstream coal mines and downstream power plants and traders. In order to expand market demand. It has offices in Beijing and Australia. With Mongolian coking coal supply mines, distributors and importers, we have established a solid customer base and have been committed to continuously expanding our high-quality customer base. NMYMENERGY prides itself on providing quality value-added services to its customers.

Coal has an irreplaceable role in providing heat for human beings, and is indirectly related to urban construction and development. As a fast-growing economy, China's need for construction is imminent. Our team has rich resources and experience advantages, has many years of experience in coal trading and production and sales, will continue to expand business scope and fields, strengthen cooperation with internationally renowned coal enterprises, enhance their competitiveness and influence.